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We introduce to you Lady Paula Coleman, First Lady of the Kingdom Harvest COGIC, known to us and many as the “Princess of Praise”!" Lady Coleman is truly a leading lady who set’s any house of worship into a mode of praise. She operates in an awesome gift and talent that is sealed with the anointing of God, to usher His people into His presence through the venue of praise & worship.

Lady Coleman is a woman of “totality and elegance”, who is a daily example to all of beauty, grace, virtue, loyalty and

dedication to family, ministry and self!

As president of the women’s department, Lady Coleman teaches and promotes the “Total Woman.” Her vision and goal is to lift up and praise the name of Jesus, by enriching and empowering women to realize and discover their leadership and ministries within the home, the church, and the community on both natural and spiritual levels.

Within the department she brings strong emphasis on being educated on all matters of life, as the Word of God states that we “perish for the lack of knowledge.” She provides information, wise council and prayer to women within the local body. She encourages the women to value self, inspires them to change their thinking, and gives information to enable them to make better choices that will make not only their lives, but the lives of those in their midst healthier and more productive.

An avid reader, seeker of information and possessor of revelation knowledge, Lady Coleman is equipped to minister to your present need, challenge your boundaries and encourage your faith!​

Lady Coleman’s commitment to helping others is evident daily through her lifestyle of service. She frequently hosts Bible Study meetings, retreats, workshops and other venues to empower women to develop in their pursuit of God. She is readily available to lend a supporting hand to those in need. This is evident in her partnership with “The Family Place” and other social service agencies throughout the Dallas Metroplex.

Lady Coleman faithfully serves beside her husband of 36+ years. She is the mother of three (3) sons Dexter Jr., Darius and the late Justin Coleman. She is the grandmother of five.



Getting To Know Lady Coleman


Who do you love enough to cook and bake for? 

My granddaughters


Where is your favorite vacation that you would love to go again? 

To Paris and Rome


If you had to teach a class what would you teach? 

Praise and Worship


What junk food is your weakness? 

A bag of Cheetos.


What is your favorite thing to do to relax on vacation? 

Taking a nap, reading on the beach, or a day at the spa.


Who is your favorite fashion icon? 

Lupita Nyong'o


What was something that really hurt to let go? 

The loss of my son.


If you could ask God one question, what would it be? 

What is my last day on earth, so I can plan something extraordinary special for my family to remember.


When you reflect on your teenage years, what is the most important thing you learned?

To listen and don't take risks.


What are your favorite TV shows? 

Love It or List It, The Voice, Rev Run's Sunday's Supper and The Better Show.

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